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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg made headlines earlier this year when he declared he wouldn’t start a new company in Silicon Valley today. Citing a housing crisis and skyrocketing cost of living in the area, Zuckerberg encouraged budding young entrepreneurs to look elsewhere.

Zuckerberg’s words seemed to resonate not only with tech entrepreneurs, but also the millions of hard-working individuals in the Bay Area who are disenfranchised from the never-ending rat race. Skyrocketing cost of living, excessive traffic, crowded communities, and a vast combination of other small inconveniences that can add up to a frustrating day-to-day living.

As a result, over the last 4-5 years, numerous families have reached out to us, ESI Builders & Remodelers, to learn about building a home in the greater Sacramento Region. With a mix of downtown city-life, rural and agriculture uses, suburban living, the Sierra foothills, and much more – the Sacramento Region is finding a new fan base. In fact, according to the Greater Sacramento Economic Council, an estimated 24,000 moved from the Bay Area to Sacramento in 2017, and 27,000 moved there in 2018.

Perhaps we’re biased, but we think the Sacramento Region is a wonderful place to live. The area is growing because it provides a greater quality of life than the Bay Area (and crowded Southern California). From cost of living, to quality education, to a growing economy, the Sacramento Region is a great place to raise a family and leave behind the hectic pace of other areas.

We’ll now take a deeper look into some of the different factors mentioned above that make the Sacramento Region a great place to live:

Cost Of Living

We are based out of El Dorado Hills and serve the growing Sacramento Region. As far as living in California goes, you get a great “bang for your buck” when it comes to cost of living. Besides lower costs in fuel, groceries, utilities, child care, and services — lower cost of rental and owners for housing is notable.

For comparison: the median home value (MHV) in the City of Sacramento is $313,400, and in Pleasanton, it’s $933,500. In Folsom, one of the fastest growing Sacramento suburbs, the MHV is $488,400 and in Danville it’s $1,043,200. The MHV in El Dorado Hills is $610,900 and in Berkeley, it’s $938,400. You get the point.



Not to mention, in places like Folsom and El Dorado Hills, you can build a home that is both bigger, has larger lots, and provides more privacy than homes in the Bay Area can (for less money!). We love to build custom homes on acreage for our clients, and they love the freedom to build it exactly how they want it. For example, we are now building a 4,000 sq. ft. custom home for a couple from San Ramon who purchased a 5-acre lot in a gorgeous gated neighborhood. They are getting all the amenities they want – almost exclusively paying for it with equity from their smaller home they sold in the East Bay.

A view of Folsom Lake from our current custom home project.

Job Opportunities

Remember those estimated 24,000 and 27,000 people moving from the Bay Area to Sacramento mentioned earlier? They represent a major shift that Sacramento is currently going through, a shift of increased economic expansion and opportunity. The Greater Sacramento Economic Council has been attempting to recruit tech companies from the Bay Area for a long time, and recently they’ve been successful. There are 3,908 tech firms in the region, and 57,554 jobs in the tech sector. Companies such as Apple, Intel, EA Sports, and Hewlett-Packard have branches in the Sacramento region. You’ll also find the Sacramento Urban Technology Lab, a collaborative effort to transform Sacramento into a “living laboratory” that cultivates and grows the local tech community. Sacramento has invested a lot over the last few years to become a desired landing spot for tech companies and talent.

Additionally, AgTech is also one of the key industries located here in the Sacramento Region. Home to the #1 agricultural science university in the nation, UC Davis, the Sacramento region is nationally recognized for cutting-edge research and plenty of land to conduct it. Award-winning companies such as Bayer Crop Science Biologics, Saturas, Tomra Sorting Solutions, and Marrone Bio Innovations have facilities in the region and continue to provide job opportunities and innovative technologies.

Whether you want to enter one of the aforementioned industries or start your own business, the Sacramento Region is a wonderful place to begin.

Quality Education

The Sacramento Region boasts some of the best public education in the state. El Dorado Hills, the location of our business, has an A+ public schools rating on Our neighbors to the West, Folsom, also received an A+ public schools rating. The many suburbs of Sacramento are a great place to raise a family and get the best educational opportunities in the area. In fact, the region offers 900+ public schools and many award-winning programs, including IB and AP programs. Our schools are preparing kids for the future with programs in robotics, information technology, hospitality, transportation and sports medicine, just to name a few.

Things To Do

For folks reading this in the Bay Area, you may be familiar with the Sacramento Region as the area you pass through when heading to Lake Tahoe and the many other great areas, lakes, rivers, ski resorts, and amenities in the Sierra Nevada mountains. But what you might not know is that as the region has grown over the years, as have the opportunities for entertainment and dining. From professional sports to a vibrant arts scene, Sacramento has entertainment for all interests.

For foodies, Sacramento is America’s Farm-to-Fork Capital. Our locally grown food promotes a sense of community and appreciation for the area. The relationship between local farmers and restaurants continues to give the area some of the best opportunities to get top notch culinary experiences.


The Sacramento Region is a wonderful place for Bay Area families to relocate. Here your dollars go further, your career becomes more fulfilling, your kids grow smarter, and your search for entertainment is never too far away.

If you want to learn more about relocating to the Sacramento Region and how we can be your parter in building the custom home of your dreams, contact ESI Builders & Remodelers. You can fill out our contact form or give us a call at (916) 939-9501.

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