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With over 25 years of experience building and remodeling luxury homes, ESI Builders is a leading custom home builder in the greater Sacramento area. While there are many contractors in the area who build luxury homes, there are very few who strive for perfection in every detail like we do. Our locally-owned company has the expertise to ensure that your custom home is not only gorgeous but also molds to your current and future lifestyle.

A perfect home or living space is not just about what it looks like, but about how it works and fits your needs. Making sure your custom home helps you and your family enjoy your time together and lead happier and healthier lives are critical to us and really defines our mission. For ESI Builders, a perfect home is beautiful but also enables long-term benefits through energy efficiency, more sustainable living, and minimal impacts to the environment.

As you consider which luxury home builder to use for your project, we hope that you will consider the following characteristics of ESI Builders that we feel set us apart from the competition.

As a certified home performance contractor within the Energy Upgrade California (EUC) Program, we have a long history of energy auditing, comprehensive energy retrofits, and designing sustainable living spaces. Whether in SMUD or PG&E territory – you can be assured ESI Builders will incorporate energy and resource efficiency into every custom home we build or remodel. With a focus on sustainable measures to save water, electricity and natural gas – we will save you money while maximizing your comfort.

We have a great team

At ESI Builders, we are very selective about who we hire. This is true both of our employees and the subcontractors we use for our custom home building projects. We look for team members who are committed to the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship, and who share our commitment to outstanding customer service and attention to detail. Our employees regularly participate in industry training and certification programs to keep their skills sharp. Many of them have been with the company for years and plan to stay here for the rest of their careers. We consider them part of our family and take good care of them, because we know that a stress-free work environment for our employees results in a better product for our customers.

Intro From Dave Sipes President, ESI Builders & Remodelers


We are true building professionals

There is a difference between a general contractor and a true building professional. It’s fairly easy to get a contractor’s license, and many companies in the Sacramento area have that distinction. However, in order to be considered a building professional, we believe that a company must meet some additional criteria:

  • They must undergo further training above and beyond that which is required for a contractor’s license, in order to understand how to build luxury homes that are smart in terms of energy efficiency and structural integrity.
  • They must commit to ongoing education to stay abreast of the latest developments in the custom home building industry.
  • They must be active members of both industry organizations and the local business community.
  • They must have the highest standards of training and certification for their team members.

ESI Builders meets all of those criteria. As members of the National Association of Remodeling Contractors Institute (NARI), we have pledged to uphold a code of ethics that includes high standards of honesty, integrity and responsibility. We regularly participate in professional development programs and continuing education courses in order to keep our skills sharp and up-to-date, and as members of our local chamber of commerce, we actively support the local business community. You can rest assured that when you work with ESI Builders, you are working with true building professionals.

We build smart custom homes

A smart home is one that provides its owners with comfort, security, energy efficiency, and convenience at all times. In order to construct a true “smart home”, a builder must have an in-depth understanding of things like airflow patterns inside a home, weather sealing, and sun position. They must understand how things like the choice of lighting fixtures, windows, and even garage door openers affects the energy usage of a home.

At ESI Builders, we have decades of experience building smart custom homes. Our goal is that every luxury home we build have a net zero electricity bill. In other words, we want your electric bill to be as close to zero as possible. This goes well beyond slapping a few solar panels on the roof and calling it a day—which is what most other contractors will do. In order to achieve a net zero energy bill, every aspect of the design from top to bottom must be taken into consideration.

Our CEO, Dave Sipes, has been building luxury homes in the Sacramento area for over 25 years. His analytical mind is well-suited to building homes that that meet or exceed Energy Star ratings while also conforming to your personal style. Dave is the driving force behind the high quality that customers of ESI Builders have come to expect.

When it comes to subcontractors, we depend heavily on the personal relationships we have developed over the past two decades. We only work with companies that come highly recommended by individuals we know and trust, and who have a proven track record of success. Whenever possible we use subcontractors who, like us, are members of NARI or similar professional organizations, and who represent the best that our industry has to offer.

We’re a one-stop home building and remodeling shop

Despite our name, ESI Builders isn’t just a custom home builder—we’re also one of the top remodeling contractors in the Sacramento area. We apply the same “smart home” philosophy to our remodeling work that we do to our building projects. As a result, when you use our services for a remodeling project the changes you make to your home will, in many cases, actually increase its efficiency and reduce your energy bills.

In addition to helping you with remodeling projects, we can also help you maintain your home. We offer a one year warranty on all aspects of a custom home we build, a four-year warranty for home systems like HVAC and plumbing, and a ten-year warranty on the structure. If there are any problems with your home that are covered by one of our warranties, one call to our office is all you need to make—we’ll take it from there and coordinate repairs with subcontractors as necessary.

Experience the ESI Builders difference

As you can see, there are many things about ESI Builders that set us apart from our competition. We hope that after learning about our values, our process, and our commitment to excellence you are ready to discover why over 90% of our customers refer us to their friends, family and neighbors. Contact us today to schedule a meeting with our team to discuss your project, and begin experiencing the differences that make ESI Builders the best luxury home builder in the Sacramento area.

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