Our Process

Whether we are building the custom home of your dreams or renovating your existing home, we follow a thorough and thoughtful process to ensure a successful and seamless construction experience.


This is where we get to know you. We discover your goals and vision for the project. We use personalized questionnaires and collaborative discussions to understand your wants, needs and desires.

Plans & Design

Once there is a clear understanding of your vision, we begin to collaborate with an architect to create your plans and all other required construction documents. Through a complete assessment of your land, adherence to jurisdictional requirements, and a series of design review meetings, we arrive at a set of plans that is aligned with both your vision and budget.


Our team works closely with you to develop a complete set of specifications and products for each of the components involved in your project. We provide research and suggestions based on your insight so that you can make informed decisions. Constant collaboration creates a transparent relationship and allows us to craft a clear, detailed budget that aligns with your expectations.

Permitting & Construction

When the plans and budget are complete, the project progresses to the construction phase. This begins with permit acquisition. This process tends to be thought of as time-consuming, costly, and complex. Our process strives to address the building department’s priorities and needs from the start. This proactive approach coupled with our extensive knowledge of building codes and jurisdictional requirements ensures a streamlined and efficient permitting process. Once permits are obtained, construction begins and follows a detailed schedule from start to finish. Subcontractors and craftsmen work in sequence to minimize project durations. Your dedicated ESI Project Superintendent will be on site daily, overseeing progress and keeping you informed to ensure your project exceeds your expectations.

Ongoing Support

With ESI Builders & Remodelers, completion of your custom home or remodel is more than just cleaning up and walking out. Prior to closing the project, we perform a comprehensive orientation with you so that you are confident in the quality and functionality of your new home’s systems and products. We provide you with all of the warranty documentation for the consumer goods in the home and review our limited warranty. Once you are moved in, we stand ready to address any concerns or questions that come up.