Bathroom Remodeling

The bathroom may be the smallest room in your house, but it should also be a peaceful oasis. In fact, studies indicate that the average person spends two weeks out of every year in the bathroom. With this in mind, ESI offers a variety of bathroom remodeling options to ensure that this space is as peaceful and useful as possible.

At ESI Builders, our clients’ needs and vision come first. See for yourself how we put this philosophy into action and take a look at the stunning transformation of one client’s previously outdated bathroom.
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Bathroom Remodels: Adding Value to Your Home

The size, shape and overall functionality of your bathroom can do much more than impact your morning routine. The reality is that buyers pay close attention to the bathroom and kitchen when making a purchasing decision, and you can immediately increase the value of your home by remodeling these rooms. Even if you have no plans to move at any point in the future, you can still benefit from making desirable upgrades.

The Perfect Bathroom Remodeling Project for Your Lifestyle

The needs of each individual, couple and family can change dramatically over time, so it makes no sense to stick with the same bathroom layout forever. ESI’s highly trained and experienced staff understands how to design a bathroom that is ideal for each of life’s many stages.

Do you need your bathroom to be spacious enough to accommodate a large family? Or perhaps your teenager needs a bathroom of their own? We can take your existing space and create a better flow through the usage of a well-designed counter and storage area.

If your kids have moved out and you want a relaxing bathroom that is well-equipped with a large bathtub and elegant touches, our team of expert craftsmen will happily bring your vision to life. Alternatively, we can design an ADA compliant bathroom that will be perfectly suited to helping you or a loved one stay safe and comfortable throughout your retirement years. Whatever the need is, we commit to building a bathroom that you will love and is life changing in many ways.

Updating Your Existing Space

We offer multiple bathroom remodels, which many of them can fit into the existing footprint of your current space. Without changing the size of the room, we can reconfigure it to provide you with more storage space and a better ambiance. However, if you want a drastically altered space, our team is also prepared to completely redesign and reconfigure your bathroom. Either way, the layout and finishes that are selected will make it look like a completely new bathroom.

Prioritizing Your Time and Space

The bathroom may not be the area you spend the bulk of your time in, but it is still important to make sure that it is functional and efficient. Therefore, you will need optimal storage space to be able to find everything quickly and easily. We can also incorporate specific  needs such as a double sink for couples or an extended counter space for women with a lot of health and beauty products. The ESI team is here to design a bathroom that perfectly fits you.

ESI: A Team You Can Trust

ESI purposefully hires  the most skilled and experienced individuals, so you can feel confident about allowing us to work in your home. We understand that every room is important in it’s own way and should be  a reflection of your lifestyle. A member of our staff will meet with you to determine exactly what your bathroom needs are based on the size, age and special requirements of each person who will be utilizing it.

To find out more, please contact the ESI team today. We take pride in helping people get the most out of their home!