The Best Places to Build a Custom Home Near Sacramento

Recently, in California, more and more people are leaving urban areas behind for luxurious homes in rural or suburban areas. If you’re in Sacramento, you may be wondering what the best places to build a custom home are, if you’re hoping to leave the city behind and head for the hills. With rural and agricultural land, suburban living, the Sierra foothills, and easy access to the amenities of a major city, the Sacramento suburbs are finding a new fan base.

If you’re trying to find the best places to build a custom home near Sacramento, you can trust ESI Builders to steer you in the right direction. We’ve been building exceptional homes in the suburbs of Sacramento for over 10 years. We’re your skilled and local award winning custom home builder. Without further ado, here is our shortlist of the best Sacramento suburbs for your dream home. 

El Dorado Hills

If you think choosing the best place to build a custom home means choosing lots of space to spread out, then El Dorado Hills might be the place for you. This prestigious Sacramento suburb is home to hundreds of acres of parks and a wide variety of planned communities. However, if a planned community isn’t your ideal situation, there are also numerous opportunities to build the custom home of your dreams on a quiet forested road. While you are further away from the bustle of Sacramento, you still have access to superb dining and shopping on either side of Highway 50, which also offers an easy commute into Sacramento. 

In other words, if you’re interested in getting a little closer to nature and a little further from concrete, El Dorado Hills might just be one of the best places to build a custom home near Sacramento. There’s a reason ESI Builders have our headquarters here, after all. There are some truly luxurious homes tucked away in the woods and hills. We’ve been privileged to build many of them. El Dorado Hills is fantastic for families with children or older couples looking to experience retirement in style. You have easy access to Folsom Lake and the South Fork of the American River too, for all your watersports needs. 

Cameron Park

However, if you aren’t afraid of a longer commute, you could move further east along Highway 50 and give Cameron Park a try. It might just be one of the best places to build a custom home for a few reasons. Cameron Park is home to a small airpark. Most homes in the area have extra large garages that actually act as airplane hangers. Wide streets double as taxiways, allowing residents to fly to work. While not far from El Dorado Hills, Cameron Park is more rural and secluded, which is excellent for people who aren’t interested in the traditional suburban lifestyle. With less developed land, you can build a custom home on acreage and not have to compromise on space and features. 

Is Cameron Park the best place for your custom home? It depends. Cameron Park is home to excellent outdoor recreation, including exclusive golf courses. You are equidistant from downtown Sacramento and Lake Tahoe from here, giving you easy access to a wide variety of truly world-class recreation and big city amenities. If you appreciate the outdoors, but don’t want to leave the benefits of the city behind, this just might be the best place to build your new home. 

Granite Bay

So far, we’ve highlighted communities to the east of Sacramento. However, if you’d rather move north, Granite Bay is one of the best places to build a custom home. This sprawling residential settlement is home to stunning homes, golf courses, and even wineries. Of course, as the name suggests, Granite Bay also offers boating and swimming on beautiful Folsom Lake. Winding roads and gated cul-de-sacs lead to exceptional homes, while orchards and nature trails harken back to rural roots. If you’re looking for a place close to Sacramento, but one that feels like it’s a hundred miles away, you’d do well to build a new home in Granite Bay. 

Of course, these exclusive surroundings come with an exclusive price tag. Granite Bay is an exceptional community, but one that’s expensive to build in. However, for those who value luxury and recreation, this is absolutely one of the best places to build a custom home near Sacramento. Most residents are working individuals or retirees, leading to a quiet atmosphere. Still, for those who need to visit the city for business or relaxation, Interstate 80 is not far away. 


This small rural community is 31 miles north of Sacramento. With winding roads and scenic lots, Newcastle is definitely one of the best places to build a custom home near Sacramento. You have easy access to the North Fork of the American River for kayaking or floating, and numerous country clubs close by, making Newcastle a favorite of Sacramento residents and other Californians fleeing the urban jungle. Lot sizes are large too, making the area around Newcastle ideal for not just custom homes, but fully-fledged ranch style living.

Is Newcastle one of the best places to build a custom home near Sacramento? We certainly think so!. If you’re looking for the opportunity to really spread out and build an expansive home on acreage, Newcastle might be the ideal choice for you. However, home prices run high and, while there are many amenities, you do have a bit of a drive to reach fine dining or shopping. Still, the pastoral surroundings are just what many people are looking for. 

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