Home Additions

Adding livable space to an existing home can be one of the most economical ways to increase your home’s value and utility. Whether improving a basement, adding rooms, or converting a garage – an expanded home can be great for entertaining, having a relative move in, or creating a home office.

From a planning and construction standpoint, there are many factors to consider that lead to a “go or no-go” decision on a home addition project. Although additions are seemingly simple, having the right partner through the design and construction process can save time, money, and hassles.

The ESI Approach

ESI Builders & Remodelers has an approach to home additions that minimizes the difficulty of the entire process – making it understandable and as simple as possible for the homeowner. As you consider an addition, the cost and schedule will be driven by a number of critical factors that only a qualified builder/partner can help with, including:

  • Structural Conditions – load bearing walls, foundations, ability to move or add beams or posts, and all the related engineering for plans;
  • Utilities – plumbing, gas lines, and electrical components and viability of existing systems;
  • Conditioned Spaces – suitability to add new space to existing HVAC systems, change cooling/heating zones, or adding new equipment like mini-split systems for individual rooms;
  • Local municipal permitting and HOA approvals; and
  • Finishes and amenities – state of the art appliances, fixtures, and interior design elements that match an existing home’s décor or update it.

From concept to completion, the ESI Builders Team can be your partner in developing your scope, getting through the approval and bidding process and an expedited (and clean) construction period. Contact ESI today and let’s talk about your addition!